As you all know, there are not many high quality tutorials for Rhinoceros over the Internet. Unfortunately, Rhino community is not that big as 3DS max community, so there is lack of tutorials, materials and models. The smaller community, the bigger event is every tutorial or model published!
Thanks to my friend Fede for creating this article for all of You and for pushing the borders of Rhino and V-Ray much harder than the others.

tewald20 Jan 7, 2015
If possible, I would love to see the break down of how you did the planks.
Thanks a lot for this making-of!
Thank you for this tut!
Just wanted to note, that you may have put a wrong picture in step 10/14: the image on the right is a repetition of wood material setting. Perhaps there should be Irradiance Map and other settings instead? :)
Hi, I am looking at 10/14, but what I am seeing is Irradiance map settings window...
Dominiks Nov 7, 2015
Really helpfull thanks !!! :)
Thank you for this
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