Step 1/14 - Introduction

Hi Flyingarchitecture Community,

this is Federico Fernandez. I’m an Italian Architect, who parallel to Architectural desing, brings on his passion for Computer Graphics. With time it has begun a consistent part of my job, even though I try to leave the two things quite separate. I obtain it by going after realistic visualization for clients and for conceptual or matte painting for my own architectural works.
I’m very grateful to Flying architecture for laying the ground where I “planted” my roots. For a long time I’ve been a lone rhino and vray user and there was no community where to share ideas, tips & tricks. When I found FlyingArchitecture, I was very happy. I’m even happier now ‘cause I also found a friend, a person who I consider a personal friend and he he’s the founder of Flying Architecture… no name is needed as everyone knows him :-)
After all this “presentation” let’s get to the “hot“ part.

This quick project was meant to push V-Ray for Rhino and myself towards better realism result. I’ve always felt (as a V-Ray for Rhino user) the least considered by ChaosGroup. Luckily all this seems to have come to an end since the release of new V-Ray for Rhino, with the prevision of further development in order to bring VfR (= V-Ray for Rhino) to V-Ray for 3dsMax levels.

would be cool if you could attach a model or a psd file, so we could work on the same example. Maybe only for ninja subscribers ;)
Hi, this is an ooooold Fede's scene, I believe it's not even in V-Ray 3.6. For our, current tutorials, we provide necessary files :)
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