Residence among the trees, containing three main parts: This was a basic concept behind this complete 3D exterior scene - Threesidence. A magic place hidden in a picturesque countryside.

Find the story here.

This concept house contains a number of exterior models - forest shrubs, firs, birches, several collections of scanned rocks, scanned forest assets, such as fallen tree, or several stumps, water reed, nymphaea, typha plants and ferns, Mercedes GLE, Mercedes CLS, high detail realistic window frames with triple glazing.

Scene was made with an intention to offer exterior assets, so for the interiors, we only added what's truly necessary - sofa, coffee table and armchair (proxy file only) - these are visible through windows in some of the views.

House itself is made of thousands of aligned rocks - these are split into 6 material groups for material variance. If you would like to reuse them, you will have to spit them using _Splitdisjointmesh command, or _Explode command in Rhino.

All repetitive assets (trees, plants, rocks...) are also gathered on the side of the scene, so you can easily grab them and reuse them in your own projects.

What's included:

  • Scene was assembled in Rhinoceros 5 + materials set for V-Ray 3.60.04.
  • Scene was converted to and checked in Rhinoceros 6 + materials set for V-Ray Next Upd2.
  • All necessary proxies, materials and textures are included.
  • By purchasing this product, you will also get an access to 2 x PSD file for Photoshop in 4K resolution.

Important notes:

  • It is absolutely necessary to download and extract all corresponding archives for flawless process of rendering. Without downloading and extracting all of them, Your extracted files might not work properly.
  • It is important to do the following as a first step after extracting the files: Open File Path Editor and locate all missing assets (all are located in the Archived folder)
  • Note that all exterior assets and some interior assets were converted to proxies, to keep the scene as light as possible.
  • There's no 3ds Max version, nor Sketchup version. Also, we do not include obj file, as the scene is extremely extensive and obj cannot read proxies anyway. There is only Rhino 5 and Rhino 6 file.
  • Be considerate when using older versions of V-Ray for Rhino: not all materials and proxies might work correctly! (I'm looking at you, V-Ray 1.5 and 2 users).
  • Tutorial - How to extract split archives

Special thanks to Ondřej Motyčka, Ivan Málek and Štěpán Prokop for supplying us with some of the necessary models.

francescocoleschi Nov 20, 2019
Hi guys!
One question: are all the tress I can see in renders above modeled (proxy files) ? (except for the hills in the background, obviously ^_^)
Hello, yes they are all 3D - inserted into scene as proxies ;) A lot of proxies... :)
Hi Matus,

Rookie question. The three Asset files have a file extension .zip.001, .zip.002, and .zip.003. The file extensions aren't recognised on my computer and when i remove the numbering at the end and try to extract the zip file I receive the error message "The archive is either in unknown format or damaged"... Any help would be appreciated. Cheers

Hi joje, please do not rename our files! Right after downloading, open the first one and extract it (mode the files to another folder). This way all files (001, 002, 003) will be extracted and merged at the same time - then you can remove all three ZIP files.
Hi matus

Thanks for your response. The issue was that I was using Winrar , which cannot unpack a split archive. 7zip seemed to work though.

Yep, we use 7zip all the time! :) Happy you solved the issue.
Hi Matus,

I couldn't unpack the zipped three files of asset even with 7zip for some error... could you help?
Hi KenAoki, please follow this tut:
Actually, is unpacked, but not .002 .003
Yes, that's explained in the link I posted above...
Thanks! Seems fine :)
glen-marquardt Dec 3, 2019
Hi Matus,

I noticed that when using Rhino 6 / V-Ray 4.10.01 all of the vray proxies are stripped of their materials even after adjusting the file paths; just in case you or others were unaware of this drawback.

Hi, good to know. We will be switching to Next shortly, so all upcoming scenes will be available in V-Ray Next :)
MichalArmon_x2 Dec 16, 2019
Hi Matus
I bought this scene last week. I followed your instructions and relink all the materials through path editor.
the problem is that the trees don't seem to appear when I render the scene out. do u have any idea why?
thank you
Hello, what version of V-Ray do you use?
Hi, is this available on Rhino 6 with v-ray 3?
Hello, we do not use Rhino 6 yet. If you would like to find out if it works with R6 + V-Ray 3, please download one of our free models and test it out - it's the easiest way to find out :)
Great work. When will you make this available for Rhino 6 and Vray Next?
We still find the combination of R5+V-R3.6 as the one that is the most stable, so we still stick to it even with large commercial projects. Therefore it may take a bit longer than expected for us to upgrade. I would prefer not to be specific at this point, since I believed we will do the switch in January 2020, but some of the reasons why we avoid to get Next are still there.
rochasdiogo Jan 31, 2020
Hello, I can't find the HDRI of the render in the folder... Can you help?
Hi, we used cc0 HDRI from hdrihaven - check their website and download any kind of super high res HDRIs for your scenes :)
Has anyone noticed any issues with using VRay 3.60.03? This is the latest version available from Chaosgroup before VRay NEXT and subsequent versions.
Hello, what kid of issue you encountered with?
blaschurba1 Mar 18, 2020
What are the system requirements to run this model?
-I have an intel core i7 - 7700k
-16 gb ram
-nvdia 2060 6gb

and i still canot make a render out of the model.

Is it because I have Vray 3.60.03?
Hello, I believe your 16gigs of RAM should be a problem - we use a lot of proxy geometry along with V-Ray Fur in the scene, so maybe you just exceeded the RAM limit. Try to hide all foliage and turn off the Fur widget to see if it's rendering.
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