The Saguaro house was created as a full 3D scene with an emphasis on the strong and defined environment - for this purpose, all terrains, incl. surrounding mountains, were created in 3D and are included in the scene.

Scene was created in Rhinoceros + V-Ray. For the complexity of the scene, there is no other file format included.

Scene is ready for render, however note it is demanding on resources, so make sure to save all your current work and just then run this beast.

Scenes were rendered with Displacement turned on, but you should turn it on only on your own risk. By default, displacement if globally turned off.

Single, full postproduction daylight PSB file in 4k resolution is included, so you can check how we approach the postproduction.

If you would like to read more on the process of creation of this scene, read the Making-of article here.

Several models or their derivatives from this scene were also published separately in our store: Date Palm tree, Low fan palm, Saguaro cacti, small cacti, Opuntia cacti, Dead trees, Desert Shrubs, Sandstone rocks, Huge Sandstone rock A, B and C, dry batch of grass from the Grass pack, Helicopter, Sofa, Pendant lamp, Floor lamp, Wall lamp, Kitchen accessories, Bath tub, decorative vases, decorative metal cactus, magazines, candles, T-Rex-like skeleton, it's derivative and others, including many of our textures...

For the lighting of preview images, we used various HDRIs from HDRIHaven, so you can grab any kind of atmosphere from there and switch it in Dome Light in Asset Editor.

Important notes:

  • It is absolutely necessary to download and extract all corresponding archives for flawless process of rendering. Without downloading and extracting all of them, Your extracted files might not work properly.
  • It is important to do the following as a first step after extracting the files: Open File Path Editor and locate all missing assets (all are located in the Archived folder)
  • Note that all exterior assets and some interior assets were converted to proxies, to keep the scene as light as possible.
  • There's no 3ds Max version, nor Sketchup version. Also, we do not include obj file, as the scene is extremely extensive and obj cannot read proxies anyway. There is only Rhino 5 and Rhino 6 file.
  • Be considerate when using older versions of V-Ray for Rhino: not all materials and proxies might work correctly! (I'm looking at you, V-Ray 1.5 and 2 users).
  • Tutorial - How to extract split archives
tls87wjd03 Jan 14, 2021
Don't you have an instruction manual?
The different mood scenes you've shown me don't apply to me.
For example, there is only one option for HDRI and V-ray, such as night and day and evening hours.
I need your help.
Hello! It's easy to switch: Free HDRIs from were used so feel free to download any of those images and replace it in a dome light. As easy as that. The intention with the scene wasn't to give all setups, since they are basically the same for any lighting conditions.
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The Saguaro House

Matus Nedecky
Matus Nedecky
Matus is a visual enthusiast - loves everything about visual representation in architecture. Disregards “Form follows function,” he always puts “Form follows form” in the front instead. He covers the whole ground - visualizations, 2D & 3D assets, architectural photography, you name it. Matus is also a father of 3, and to stay sharp, he loves working, boxing, Marilyn Manson and driving fast.
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May 7, 2020
Available files:
Assets 1/3
Assets 2/3
Assets 3/3
PSB file for Photoshop
R5 + V-Ray 3.60.04 file
R6 + V-Ray Next Upd2 file

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