Step 14/14 - Final version

Final version was obtained by bringing back the previous image and mixing it with the second one. I added some sharpening to recover the color abberration blurriness.

I was very Happy to share this making of with all of You. As you’ve seen it was not hard at all to get a beautiful image in the new v-Ray for Rhino. Anyway I must admit it took me a while to have the grasp over complex materials, and I’m still learning. I’m in the process of creating an exterior visualization which I want to be really complex, at least for a Rhino user, who has not all 3dsMax plugins and toys. Said that, I envite You to visit my blog, and share some of your thoughts about anything you want.

Besides that, I want to thank Matus for this opportunity and for his frienship. Hugs my friend.

Thanks for reading.

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