Welcome to the last part from the series of tutorials about recently finished Wind Chapel project. This part will be about advanced postproduction in Photoshop with deep analyse of each layer, where you'll learn about essential steps to create amazing image. Also be sure you checked the first and second part of this series, where we talk about modeling, how to use Marvelous Designer 3 to create beautiful fabric structures, advanced materials, mapping, lighting and render settings. Last, additional part is about people assets and how to work with them to achieve amazing results. All right, we can start this tutorial.

Wind chapel modeling tutorial

Wind Chapel materials and lighting tutorial

Wind Chapel exterior postproduction


kmlkarablt Dec 16, 2014
l've sent a message to your contact section and to your facebook account but no one turn back. Why?
We were overloaded with some work. I replied to You yesterday, sorry for the delay.
I presume the people are added as PNG files ? Do you purchase these , from who??
stefan turcovsky Jan 6, 2015
not all of them, some are jpgs. You can buy a lot of stuff from or donwload free cutouts from, or as mentioned below
rfollet some are from
Thank you for uploading the .psd file!
You are welcome :)
kfiatkova Apr 8, 2016
girl with the cross - amazing :)
is it video tutorial?
This is a written, step-by-step tutorial. The same approach as in Free section.
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