Hello guys. Today, we have something special for you. First part from the series of tutorials about recently finished Wind Chapel project. This part will be about modeling and how to approach similar projects from this point of view. We will show you some tips and also how to use Marvelous Designer 3 to create beautiful fabric structures. Second part will be about advanced materials and lighting in the scene. Third one will be about advanced postproduction in Photoshop with analyzing every single step that will help you create your own awesome images. Last one will be about people assets in the image and how to deal with them to achieve best possible result. As always, project was modeled and rendered in Rhinoceros and V-Ray. So get ready and we can start this amazing journey.

Wind Chapel materials and lighting tutorial

Wind Chapel postproduction

Wind Chapel exterior postproduction


Are there measurements/assets available or should we just 'eyeball' it?
We will figure something out in next few days (as it's Christmas today), sorry for not attaching it before :)
Of course! thank you! Merry xmas!
mohammadbehboodi Jan 18, 2015
any video tutorials ?
Not yet, but we are working on it.
tvieljeux Apr 15, 2015
How do I place the fabrics like you do ?
stefan turcovsky Apr 15, 2015
Hi, in Marvelous for simulation or in Rhino after simulation ?
tvieljeux Apr 16, 2015
In Marvelous, but nevermind, I found out.
When you are placing the fabrics in Marvelous is there a way to position them correctly or you have to adjust it manually?
You can export a 3D model to OBJ, which is imported to Marvelous. When You open this model in Rhino and import the fabric from MD, the position fits.
Thanks for the answer but i actually meant initially when You import the model to Marvelous and draw the fabrics, how do you position them correctly on the avatar (object) you imported?
Something like the object snap or the option to rotate fabrics by defined number of degrees?
stefan turcovsky Dec 15, 2015
Hi, first you should change the gizmo to the world gizmo so you can manipulate with more precision and in the right xyz direction. It's not really important to be extremely precise, just make sure every fabric is right on the frame and there's no piece outside the frame because it will create weird artefacts. I don't think there's an object snap unfortunately
ok, thank You very much!
This is really useful, so thank you!
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